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What’s going on?
Miss Lucille has been brought back from deaths doorstep a few times, and this is the best she has ever done BUT she is kind brown. What should I do? #GoldenPothos
2ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Personally I would trim it back so that it needs to put out less energy to get “better/fuller” and put the cuttings in water to make more plants.
@Shaubplantshack Awesome thank you! I don’t usually own plants that aren’t succulents so I really want this gal to live!
@RandiRaeNae definitely trim back the brown but use sterilized scissors before doing so. Sterilize them by using rubbing alcohol. On the cutting out them in water so they can root. It might take a month or so to root, but be patient because they will eventually root. Best of luck to you. Happy growing. 💚💚🌱🌱
@FabPalesedge on the cuttings put them in water. I wasn’t able to edit my post.
@KikiGoldblatt Okay thank you! I have garden shears that I’ll get sterilized. I appreciate you!
@RandiRaeNae you are so very welcome.
This doesn't look like a golden pothos. It looks more like a brazil philodendron. @KikiGoldblatt what do you think?
@AwesomePlants I felt a little iffy about the classification as well!
@AwesomePlants said it before I! (: You've got a Brasil and it looks maybe a bit overwatered? Maybe lacking light? I know it's two feet from direct light, does it get lots of bright light?

My pothos don't mind low light, but my brasil sure does. I think @Shaubplantshack is on the money- it may be time to chop and prop. Good news is, it's easy. Take a clean pair of scissors, cut in between the nodes, take the bottom leaf (or leaves) off the cutting, and stick it water. If too leave the leaves on, they can rot. 

It was time for me to chop and prop too. I recommend when you cut the stem between the nodes, cut excess stem off (like in the fourth picture). If you have long stems in water without nodes, they can sometimes rot. The new roots will come from the nodes. (:
@sarahsalith Now that I know exactly what it is hopefully it’ll stay alive for me! Thank you so much for all the info!

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