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Alocasia Question
I just bought this beautiful Alocasia Polly from Lowes and it comes with this watering system with a wick. Will this current system work for this guy? I usually keep succulents that hate to be watered 😝 #AlocasiaAddicts #AlocasiaPolly
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Yeah, I’m not the best at alocasias but that’s probably not the best idea if you’re gonna keep it in soil. Lowes usually keeps the wicks in their plants to mass water, but it isn’t that great for most plants because the soil usually ends up really damp, which ends up with root rot. Technically, it can work with soil if you’re super diligent about watching that the plant doesn’t get too damp, but honestly, it’s better to just water normally. Alocasias aren’t horribly particular about how dry their soil gets, so you can probably just kinda do what you do with succs and wait for the top soil to dry out for the most part and water again!
That doesn’t look good. I would remove anything from the roots. This will only suffocate and kill it. Most who have purchased Polly’s have watering issues due to things in the roots whether thats netting, a wick or plastic. It would be best to remove this as this isn’t natural.
@kscape is probably right! If you’re looking for some other soil solution I know lots of people keep alocasias in Leca and they all seem to be happy. 😊
I don’t think the intention is to keep water in the pot at all times. I have one like this, and I put 1 cup of water into the decorative pot, once the soil is dry. The wick (slowly) absorbs the water and gets it to the soil. It’s always empty by the time I water again.
i had a plant like this, it was a nerve plant which get really dramatic when they aren’t waterd often (at least mine did) and I just kept it in another pot where any excess water from top-watering would drain and then go back right to the roots. It seemed happy enough, but at the time I lived in a desert so if you live somewhere humid or if root rot is something you’re concerned about i’d take it off.
I buy from Lowes all the time actually all my plants comes from there. I would repot it as I have done mine and he’s doing well
Thanks guys! I will repot! @kscape I’m worried now that there’s netting, I’ll let you know what I find! @CocacolaGarlic I live in Florida, I’ve lost a particularly sensitive succulent just to condensation causing rot so even though this is a more tropical dude, you’re right, and I worry about the soil being constantly wet.
Remove any root stuff but yes this wick system works great because it doubles for more humidity for the plant which it loves! So always have that puppy filled with water they like a moist soil with the wick system it’ll pick the amount it wants and needs. I love itttttttttt

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