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I've noticed her leaves were dying one by one but brushed it off as I felt that maybe I still need to adjust the watering. I downloaded greg after getting her but I feel like one by one my plants are getting sick. Shes one of my favourites and bought her a few months ago.
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0ft to light, direct
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
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@phoenyx Looks like your roots have shriveled and dried. Could mean two things:

β€’Overwatered and roots have died.
β€’Underwatered and roots have dried and shriveled.

How often do you water? I would suggest placing it in water and hope it starts rooting. You can propagate in water by placing in a container, only roots submerged in water (not the leaves to avoid rotting) and change water every week πŸŒΏπŸ’§
Idk probably πŸ’€
Is it mushy or dry in that area?
@RiverVal no, is very dry :/
@phoenyx I may be wrong, but root rot is usually slimy mushy roots, that may be discolored dark brown or black, and may look kind of plumper than they should, fall apart easily, etc.

What do the leaves look like? If they seem wrinkled and getting crispy/dry before falling off, it sounds like it might be underwatered? Any discoloration?

Also, how long has it been in that pot, what kind of soil is in there and what do you use to water it? (sorry for the thousand questions πŸ˜…)
Sorry you are having plant problems. πŸ˜€
@RiverVal @kscape Thank you for your responses. The roots doesnt seem crispy but it feels dry and crumbles when touched. Its been there since i got it, around march. Past owner probably had it in there for longer. I use succulent mix and just tap water it once every 5-7 days. The leaves look plump however every week one or two would look shrivelled and eventually dry out
@phoenyx Yes, I agree with what @kscape said, it sounds like your plant might need some new roots, either scenario that happened. When it does re-root, I would recommend adding in some perlite (or other drainage-helpers) in with your soil and only watering when the soil has been fully dry a couple of days, and see what her natural schedule feels like. Hope she roots up fast for you!
@RiverVal thank you! my succulent mix has pumice. should I still add perlite? or make the mix myself and replace pumice with perlite?
@phoenyx Pumice works too! My cactus soil has some perlite in it but I usually add a bit more myself bc I tend to want to "interact" more and sometimes that means overwatering a bit πŸ™ˆ so I personally do 1:1 cactus mix and perlite for a ton of drainage. If the soil is working for you, you can leave it or add more pumice/perlite/sand/gravel/grit/etc πŸ™‚
@phoenyx I agree that she may need a repot with high quality succulent soils (I too mix perlite and/or pumice with mine)... Another thing to note is that Greg's watering Schedule's are a suggestion, always best check your soil to ensure it's bone dry. I have found best results watering my Echivera every 2 weeks or β€” give or take a 2-4 days, depending on the plant size, soil, weather, light, etc. Hope that helps! πŸͺ΄ β™₯

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