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πŸ‘‹ Welcome to another #TechTeamTuesday! The #GregTeam had another jam-packed week of building, check out what’s going on:
πŸ“£ #GregUpdate:

Android users can now check out your watering history and leave notes in the Timeline section! AND the ability to undo waterings is back. Keep your eyes on the Google Play Store for an update over the next few days.

πŸ’πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ #GregTeamProTip - Make sure to β€˜Select As Best’ when you get a 10/10 answer to your plant question! This pops that answer up to the top, so other users who check out your question can see the best answer at a glance.

Plus, every Best Answer helps someone get closer to joining the #GregMug club. So give us a hand, help people find good answers and maybe help a fellow Gregger get a mug!

πŸ“Έ #SpringIntoSummer is live and we wanna see your best shots! More info here >>

πŸ‘€ And finally, here are some posts that caught our eye this week:
@KikiGoldblatt’s Must Have Products >>
@Roserade’s Amazing Homemade Blanket >>

As always, use #GregFeedback to share any new ideas or bugs you come across with the team!

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@sarahsalith @kscape πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ It's time to tell the people!
Can't wait!!
Ahh! I’m sure the Android Greggers will be hooked on the new update! 🌿

Can’t wait to start #Gregging with you all πŸ’š
Yayyy I'm so excited for this new update!! Thanks Greg Team!!!
@WickedValkyrie @PlantMompy we're sooo excited to have it out to you!
Hi! I signed up with a super Greg membership and it said it was active until March 23,2023 and now it says I’m not a super Greg member anymore? Why did this happen?
@stryker actually the same thing happened to me, I used a QR code from a nursery when I signed up and got super greg as a trial and today it told me I wasn't a super gregger. I couldn't remember the date the email said it expired so I just signed up for a week trial. (I don't have $30 to spare right now, sorry Greg! 😭)
@WickedValkyrie nooo!!! I signed up through a nursery too and said It said a year free. :( I’m super bummed!
Oh wow oops! I need to not Greg right after waking up apparently. Is there any way to undo the trial I signed up for today and get this fixed @RJG? My bad 🀦
@stryker49 hopefully it's just a bug and they can get it fixed up for us. πŸ€žπŸ–€
@WickedValkyrie @stryker49 - please email Greg at

I'm SURE they'll get y'all straightened out!! πŸ’š
@WickedValkyrie I hope so, cuz I’m not addicted to this app or anything! 😝
@sarahsalith yay! Thank you!
Thank you @sarahsalith!
I love this ! Having the β€œposts that catch eyes”. Loving the contest and seeing all the creativity
@Reesecup35 updates to the android app.
@WickedValkyrie @stryker49 yes exactly what @sarahsalith said!
@jcPlantProper that was @Kiersten's brainchild! 😊
Thx Drew! Love this community!
I feel so special when someone selects mycomment as the best so I try to do the same for others lol πŸ’š
@AshleyK you're the best Ashley!
Lost my supergreg too πŸ˜“ I have become very dependent on this app it seems haha. Back to checking everyone daily πŸ˜…
@HoyaAddict send an email to and we'll get it figured out.
@WickedValkyrie it’s only $30 per year
@HoyaAddict it says you still have it
@SSAGreymarlin I understand that. Lol if you read my first comment, I don't have $30 to spare right now. 🀷
@RJG thanks! @SSAGreymarlin My watering reminders are gone that’s the problem πŸ™ƒ
@Kiersten got it sorted for me. (: Thanks #gregteam! Super appreciate y'all!!!!
@WickedValkyrie same for me!! Thank you @Kiersten!
@RJG I got verified a long time ago and just filled out the form for the mug… I didn’t get a confirmation email, so is it on its way?
Hey @tango, did you fill it out today?
@tango I filled out the form a week or two ago. I'm pretty sure it's for more than just the mug, I think they'll send stickers too! Pretty sure we just need to have patience.... Even tho I've checked my mailbox every day since I filled it out... πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… (Patience is not a thing I'm good at...)
@RJG next up: saving posts? 😬
Like @KikiGoldblatt’s best products thread! So helpful for #NewPlantMom and dads
@WickedValkyrie @tango if you filled out a form they'll be on the way! They're hand made so it takes time
@RJG sounds awesome, thank you!!!! I’m so excited!!
@RJG I promise I wasn't complaining, I'm just excited! I know they're handmade, but who makes them? I've wondered that since the first time I saw one... lol
@WickedValkyrie definitely some patience! Mine took two months from when it was sent to arrive to me πŸ™‚ not the Greg team's fault...just covid and sending stuff from the US to Australia causing so many hiccups
@RJG the is my new social media network. I used to be a big time Facebook user but I’m rarely on there now. Keep up the amazing work at #GregFeedback #gregteam
Is there a way to search hashtags?
Loving the tips and guides content, especially links to other useful sites πŸ‘πŸ½
@Vinxy2 not yet. easiest way is to create a post with the hashtag you want to go to and then click on it.

If you know your hashtag you can go to[insert hashtag no brackets] on your phone browser. Once you get to the post you want you should be given the option to open in app.

We understand both of these workarounds arent the best but know that Search is very high on our list of features when we circle back to community upgrades.
I got the update on my Android but can't figure out where the timelines are 😬 help?
I have the same question as @PlantMompy - been hunting high and lowπŸ”Žis it a full subscription thing?
@fifidots I wondered the same thing!

#gregteam what are we missing?
@PlantMompy @fifidots it should be at the bottom of your plant cards!
@RJG these are the last things on my cards, and if I try to edit there is nothing new there either
1Y ago
Where can I find the timeline?
@PlantMompy there has to be another update coming then! we have a lot and they sometimes take a while to push all the way through!
It will be located just below the "ask a question button"
@xou it will be located at the bottom of the individual plant cards!
@WickedValkyrie I know you don’t need $30 right now- you can pay it off over the year.
@SSAGreymarlin it's not a one time payment??