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Read I shouldn’t use neem oil on garden herbs like basil? Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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I think it’s ok in small amounts, but some people say it’s not the best for basil. Also, make sure you don’t spray it in the middle of the day because the sun on the neem oil can burn the leaves, do it early in the morning before the sun is too intense.

“Neem oil can be used on herbs, but generally speaking, insecticidal soap is a safer option. This is especially true of herbs that are delicate, wispy, or fuzzy (like basil, cilantro, dill, parsley, and sage). If applied too liberally or in too-high concentrations, neem oil can damage herbs.”
@ghostboys Can you use neem oil on edible plants and herbs? Neem oil is 100 percent safe to use on edible plants and herbs. It is a natural, organic oil extract from the neem tree, meaning it has no negative side effects on other plants. You can spray it on your fruits, vegetables, and even ornamental plants without much fuss.
Noo don't use that use orange peel water
@Ms.Persnickety Thats what I assumed, someone said it can damage them though? But i’m not sure lol

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