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So my friend has a 30year old polka dot begonia out side and she gave me this one long thick branch last summer and it’s not pouting out very much growth any suggestions please
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
@TubularChamise first of all they like bright indirect sunlight.

Your Polka Dot Begonia will do the best bright indirect light. It will tolerate medium light but watch to make sure your plant does not become leggy and stretch for the sun. However, do not place in full sun, as the leaves can burn and dry out.
@sarahsalith do you have any ideas?
Mornin, @KikiGoldblatt (:

Sharon, in my experience, more mature stems seem to take longer to produce than younger stems. I don't know if there's science behind that or it's the way I'm doing it.

If you're coming into spring, the reason it's slow could be that at first, it was acclimating and rooting and then there was winter. I expect with lots of bright light, you should begin to see new growth soon.

Please keep us informed. (:
Put your plant near a window so your plant can get sunlight
Thank you everyone I will keep you posted

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