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My plant has slowly died since I got him 2 years ago :( l...

He is down to one little leaf shoot and I'm hoping there's some way to save him, any help/ideas appreciated. He is a blue star fern which I didn't know until I uploaded him to Greg recently. Now that I know what he is I know about how to care for him better, just need to get him back on the mend. Here is a picture of when I first got him and one of him now with his one little remaining shoot, also a close up of his soil if it's any help. I repotted him a month or two ago when it was looking dire but it did not help and his downward trend continued. When he lost his second to last shoot I got Greg and found out what he was. Then I moved him to a sunnier window to dry out his soil since it was very wet. The soil is barely damp now and the remaining shoot has grown soft. I know it's probably too late for him but wanted to see if the plant gurus have any advice :(
4” pot
Last watered 1 year ago
Blue star ferns usually have a golden fuzzy rhizome. Mine is visible in the pot - it’s where new growth comes from. Yours looks quite overpotted. These ferns are epiphytes - in nature they’d attach themselves to trees. They do not need a large pot with much soil. See if you can find the rhizome, gently remove from this pot, move to a smaller pot with a very well-draining soil mix (and try not to cover the rhizome!) This mix would ideally be chunky. Maybe 2 parts peat, 1 part perlite, 1 part coco husk chips if you have them. The next step would be to keep the soil relatively moist and keep it near a window with partial sun (a few feet away from an East or west facing window is perfect.) Ferns are resilient so I have hope for yours. Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions.
This is what the rhizome looks like. The rhizome will grow as well (the green areas in the photo are all growth points!) and may even grow around the lip of the pot and β€œgrab on” to the pot. They can dry out a little bit between watering too. I only water mine every other week.