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Any idea what could be causing this?
Yellowing on one of my philodendron leaves. I've read that older leaves die off so im not sure if thats what is happening or if its a sign of something else going on. My other problem I've been having is these brown spots on my monstera. Any advice or input would greatly appreciated! #planthelp #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy
Looks like it's over watered, let the soil dry out a bit more and check its roots, maybe it's a sign of root rot.
The brown might be fungal or bacterial so I would chop that leaf to be on the safe side and check your monstera for soggy or rotten roots. If you only have one leaf going yellow on your philo it may just be natural die back like you said. If more start yellowing like that I would check the roots.
Thank you @greenleafeater @tattedscientist! I will check the roots asap! If the roots are fine, any suggestion on what to treat the fungal & bacterial infection?
If the roots are fine then just repot in fresh well draining soil, cut the icky leaves off, and water when the top 1-2 inches of media is dry. I don't have any advice for a specific antifungal but I think one of my friends uses physan.

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