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Leaves shriveling and drying

#RoseCalathea My Calathea has some leaves shriveling and drying- I’ve been watering on schedule and my hydrometer says humidity is around 70%, but I can’t think what else would be causing this. Most of the other leaves are fine, but some are also developing dry brown spots
6ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
@ Do you have a moisture meter ? I’m asking because even though the app does a good job predicting the watering schedule, it’s best to always check first. Sometimes my plants don’t need water when the app says they do, and other times I have plants that very much need water even though the app doesn’t have them scheduled for that day. I’ve also stuck my finger into soil that I would swear is wet, and the moisture meter indicates dryness. You can get them at Amazon or wherever you prefer to shop that has plant supplies. They don’t take batteries. You just stick it into the soil (be careful of the roots when you do πŸ™‚)
Hi! Are you using tap water to water the Calathea by any chance?
@WildFairymoss I am! I sometimes boil my tap water as well
@WiseAutumnfern They don’t like tap water sadly πŸ₯Ί They prefer distilled. Some calatheas you can get away with filtered water, but distilled is usually their preferred. They super sensitive to the minerals and lime from tap water. I am almost certain that may be the case. I have mine in less humidity (about 50%) and they’re perfectly ok.
How does his other leaves feel? Are they firm or a little sloppy? (They do look a little sloppy..) And is he moving his leaves up and down during the day?
My first guess is that he is staying a little too wet between waterings and might have a starting root-rot problem. Make sure the top inch of the soil is dry before you water, and that the soil is well-draining and also keeps some moisture. If it is too compact it might suffocate the roots.
And secondly, he might react badly to your tap-water if you have hard or alkaline water. It is usually reccomended to water with destilled or rain-water for calatheas.
And thirdly, do you fertilize him? They don't need much fertilizer, but that also has to be just rightπŸ˜…
@WildFairymoss I will try distilled then! How do you get your distilled water for the calatheas?
@WildFairymoss is Mountain Spring water acceptable?