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Some advise please!!!! She’s putting out new growth but h...

2ft to light, indirect
3” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Perhaps it was too much for the little plant. Those leaves are dying and you can go ahead and cut them off.

How long have you had it? What kind of soil is it in?

Welcome to Greg, Lakeisha! I love anthuriums. (:
@FitSedum has glorious anthuriums too! Maybe she has some advice?
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@sarahsalith is on to it.

I see chlorosis of leaves which sometimes happens when the plants are young and may be getting too much light. I see a UV light which Anthuriums generally don’t need. They need a full spectrum white light on a dim setting. The uv light may be causing the chlorosis (bleaching of leaves) because they are velvety.

Leca is nice however Anthuriums need a replica of their native soil which helps them thrive. A mix of orchid bark, charcoal, long Sphagnum moss, pumice, Leca, and tropical soil is best because they are constant and heavy feeders. As the material decomposes, they are fed. You can fertilize however the fertilizer should be extremely mild since they do get fed by the decomposing mediums they are growing in.

As Sarah said, you can trim off those leaves because they won’t recover. I would move it out from under that uv light and find a nice place where it gets bright indirect light or get a light that is full spectrum and dim it to its lowest setting. Please do not mist the leaves since they are velvety. Keep an ultrasonic mini humidifier nearby to keep their foliage sharp and keep a small gentle fan close to move air and prevent mold of rust on their leaves.

Anthuriums are stunning and easy to grow once you get used to them. They will always sacrifice their younger leaves for extra nutrients when growing new and larger leaves. We just help them with a quick snip of the dying foliage so they can get back to growing those larger leaves.

Regarding water, they don’t like tap water nor bottled water because of the chemicals used to clean the water. My go to solution is to keep a pot full of tap water in the kitchen with a lid on it and let it sit for no less than 24 hours as a water supply for my plants. They do better with rain water however if you don’t have rain water, you can use the water you e reserved for your indoor plants.

Your plant will do fine. These babies do go through a period of adjustment with you and they will adapt. Watch your fertilizer. Do not use tropical plant fertilizer. It’s a touch too strong. They need a very low dose and a good blend of air, water, and soil around those roots to keep that foliage lush.

Small orchid liners and your plant potted with that mixture I mentioned above will help your plant stay healthy. They are vines that creep and crawl but we choose to grow them upright. Please keep that in mind when you plant them and as you grow them. They may need support as they age to stay upright because they aren’t meant to grow that way.

You’re doing great by asking for assistance. We are all here to help you and your baby grow together.

Let us know if there’s anything else you need. Best of luck! 🌿