Posted 2w ago by @HipSnowflower

My snake plant is falling over. Why
15” pot
Last watered 3 weeks ago
The most common reason is overwatering 😰 could also be rebound so best bet is popping it out to check what’s going on in the soil.
If that stems has a rotted rhizome, pull it out, cut off the rhizome & prop it to make a new healthy plant πŸ˜„ I water mine once a month (if I remember) so it gets bone dry before I water it.
@HipSnowflower @Blau_Ozean is πŸ’― correct. Also if they don’t perk up you can always buy a tomato cage (from Home Depot or Lowesand if you have a big Ace Hardware they may have them) or invest in a trellis.
@KikiGoldblatt I use chopsticks. Lol. They work great.
@ModestlyTimeout ha perfect. Chop sticks. I use bamboo sticks on plants. I save them from when plants are shipped in to me.

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