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Some of the new bloomed flowers look yellow. Is this normal ?
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I agree with @sarahsalith but here is what I found.

Environmental stress is the main cause of gardenia flowers and/or leaves turning yellow. Check the soil's pH level. Overwatering and too much sun can also turn flowers yellow.

When the flowers on your gardenia bush start turning brownish-yellow there are several reasons for the change. The easiest reason to determine is that the flower has outlived its days and is slowly dying. The lifespan of a gardenia flower on the bush is one to two weeks. If it has aged out, then pluck it off and bid it adieu.

Soil pH may be another reason for the yellowing. Gardenias like alkaline soil with a pH range of 5 to 6.5, and a soil meter stick is the tool you need to determine the pH. If itโ€™s below optimum range, add garden lime to the soil, instructs Over Top Info; if itโ€™s higher, add soil acidifier. Lack of nutrients may also be the cause, and sprinkling gardenia fertilizer may help. If neither solve the problem, check your watering schedule โ€” too much or too little water may cause the damage.

Environmental stress is a major cause of flower discoloration. Too much or too little sun, fluctuating temperatures and not enough humidity can all cause flowers to discolor. Plant gardenias in an area with diffused sun or on the south or west side of the house. Organic mulch helps if you cannot move the plant to a more auspicious spot, or you can plant a large tree to shade the gardenias. Yellow flowers are the last sign of disease, so check your plant for insects. Fungicide is the best solution for insects.

Yellowing leaves are another sign of stress and are caused by environmental conditions. Treat yellow gardenia leaves by adding vinegar to the soil to lower the pH level. The yellowing is also the result of chlorosis, the plant not getting enough nutrients, the same condition that also causes yellowing flowers. If iron is missing, the green pigment, chlorophyll, isnโ€™t being produced, according to Clemson Universityโ€™s Home and Garden Information Center. A thorough soil test is recommended.
Yes- sometimes they are more of an off-white color and not white-white.

Maybe someone with more knowledge can chime in on the specifics of why, but it normal. The flowers smell AMAZING!
@KikiGoldblatt is the master of education!!
@KikiGoldblatt I just received it from the garden store a week ago so hoping it is the indoor temp and sun distance. Going to try and put her outdoors ! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

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