Posted 2M ago by @CindyinFriscoTX

What is going on with my #SplitLeafPhilodendron

It’s leaves are mottled and yellowing from@the edges inwards. soil is damp but not wet. Not sitting in water. Was under a light but I moved closer to a window just in case. There are new leaves at the bottom so I think it will eventually be okay. I’m thinking it needs more light? #helpneeded #yellowing #needadvice
5ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
I would definitely take her out and check the roots it is a sign of root rot
Has the plant been in that pot a lot of time? The leaves can turn yellow like this even when fertilizer is scarce. Philodendron likes fertilizer quite a lot.

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@iplantaddict Done but didn’t see a video for this just yet. But I watched some of the others.
They like to dry a bit between waterings. Otherwise, the roots can't breathe and the leaves yellow. Very bright light and let it dry down 2-3 inches. Sometimes repotting into a chunkier mix helps if it's been in the same soil for a while.