Posted 2w ago by @IntellectualMum

What to do
He used to be so full, I already cut 3 of his leaves off this week. Looking droopy, 2 more are turning yellow again. I have him near a window most days. What should I do?
How’s your watering schedule? The the surface get dry before watering again.
This happened to mine - I started bottom feeding it once it got fully dry and moved it 4-5 ft away from the window so it gets bright indirect light and it has bounced back and is bushier than even before
It looks like your pot doesn’t have drainage… you may be overwatering. Yellow leaves are usually overwatered, brown leaves are usually underwatered. Maybe back off of the watering a little. Wait for the top two inches or so to dry out before watering again.🙂🌱 If there is no drainage you have to be more careful about the water. Hope this helps!
Thank you everyone! I repotted him and discovered he was being suffocated with a net around his roots
:( hopefully that was the reason and he will thrive now

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