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Unfurling leaves anyone?
The #NewGrowth on my #Monstera has finally started to unfurl!! I love watching this happen over a few days!! Anyone else have plants that are unfurling new leaves??? #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PLANTMAFIA #MonsteraMob
2ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
this leaf on my brazil is slowly unrolling!
I have one on my philodendron silver cloud trying
But just got this beauty on the philodendron goldii (has changed it’s name now)
@RJG do the leaves have different shades of green?
@Gordo philodendrons are beautiful I can’t wait to get some!!
@dylan1stokes they are beautiful. My favorite one is my tortum
Yes and I love watching it unfurl plus the lovely green agains the darker leaves is so pretty
My Golden Goddess Philo.
Do you have to help it unfurl or does it unfurl on it's own? Also are monsteras the only plants that does that ?
A little unfurling leaf on my #GoldenPothos with some #Guttation! 😍
My anthuriums lil stuck leaf has finally worked her way out πŸŽ‰
@SabelleTo you don't have to and should not help the leaf unfurl as it may damage the soft leaves, however if the leaf is stubborn you could try increasing the humidity. Monsteras aren't the only plant that unfurl in that way, most plants go through a process of similar unfurling.
@dylan1stokes I have two Monsteras that have new growth on both of them. One has two and the other one has one.
@SabelleTo you can just let them do their thing. I put my aerial roots into a cup of filtered water to encourage growth but that’s about it, she does the rest. Also there are other plants that unfurl their leaves aswell. It’s so fascinating
@CarrieK so cute
@motherofplants oh wow! I have a little leaf popping up on my anthurium also
@KikisOasis what type of monsteras are they!!
Yes! I love watching it! My baby calatheas
@SabelleTo no in my experience messing with an unfurled leaf deforms it. Some take so long to unfurl and it is so tempting to β€œhelp” it but resist!
@PlantzRLife55 I meant messing with an unfurling leaf πŸƒ
New leaf on my Chinese evergreen
@dylan1stokes I have an aerial root growing and I didn’t know you could do that. That’s great!
Pothos unfurling 2!
Been hovering around my #Monstera Mckenzie for the last few days like an expectant mum!!! 🀣 Next week looking up already!! #NewGrowth
New growth on my #Maranta !! Leaf was curled up tight last night so I’m hoping I’ll get to see it soon!
@Iloveplants calathea growth is amazing!
@dylan1stokes thank you!
@Iloveplants omg yes I found this out a few weeks ago and I put my aerial roots in water and then I had this new leaf grow!!
@JovialCacto should unfurl this week!
@dylan1stokes 😱😱going to try it!
@Iloveplants omg yes good luck, hope you get some #NewGrowth
New growth from this ficus!
@dylan1stokes Monstera Deliciosa.
Baby curled up waking up.
My monsty :) , slow growth I think should unfurl this week
Here are a couple I took early this morning!
@RJG my first Brazil leaf!
My monstera and maranta!
My #acacia is showing #newgrowth soon to have a #newleaf I wonder how big he will get #plantmafia #plantsmakepeoplehappy
@CultivateLove they are beautiful
My peace lily has a leaf that is finally unfurling! I’ve been waiting months, it’s crazy how long this one has taken.
Just got this baby off the "save a life" rack for a dollar. Send good vibes!
This one on my satin pothos has finally started to unfurl 🀍
@ames323 wow you have been waiting ages
@dylan1stokes here is my new growth.
@KikisOasis she/he is thriving!!
I have a variegated prayer plant the just unfurled one and another one is on the way.
Waiting for this beauty to unfurl! Looks like it's gonna have a huge block of cream on it!
@foliagegirl OMG! Is that a variegated monstera?!?!
@dylan1stokes yes, it's a Thai Constellation, not an albo though ☺️
@foliagegirl it’s amazing! 😍

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