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my Nina has brown spots and a shriveled leaf! Any ideas as to what is wrong! It was close to a shaded lamp, so I moved it away today! Notice the photos from May 12th( the 1st 2 pictures), then the ones from today( May 21st)! Looked healthy on May 12th!
Hi @Judybaps I’m not πŸ’― sure but I and leaning towards overwatering and not enough light. The plant looks a little leggy and this is a sign of not enough light. This will also not help with excess moisture in the soil. How often do you water and do you remove the pot from the cover pot when watering? Are you able to provide more information of location etc?
Looks like the grow light may have scorched the leaves a lil’, along with improper water intake.

It looks like it’s in a small plastic pot. I would repot since it looks too small for your plant, but check the roots from under the pot. If you can see them, then it’s a sign you have to repot. This can be an issue with watering. If your roots are bound together, they may not be able to properly take in water.

Also, as @Gordo has mentioned, your plant is stretching for light. Placing this plant in good light will help, or placing it under a grow light will help. I would advice you place the grow light higher than what it was before, since I think the heat and light of your grow light may be too intense.
@Gordo , thx for all advice! I did remove from cover pot! I want to repot because I checked it today and the soil was so dry & the brown leaves are so hard. I will attempt to repot , very soon!
@kscape thanks so much for your suggestions! I do not have any roots showing at bottom of plastic pot but I am going to repot soon! I do not have a grow light! It’s just a lamp that is a part of our decor! I took more pictures today but the plant is still suffering!

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