Posted 2M ago by @UltraHollowroot

Not doing too hot

Hey I need some help with my Ghost plant. The bottom leaves are withering. It’s not by a window because I’m in a dorm room but has a grow light I just purchased off of Amazon. What do I do to save this plant?
7ft to light, indirect
Last watered 2 months ago
Ok, so, if you have a pot without drainage, you have to be CRAZY careful with succulents and watering. Is the soil wet?
@HeyLillie this pot has a single hole at the bottom for drainage. I last watered it two days ago. I haven’t checked the soil yet today but it still looked at least damp yesterday
@UltraHollowroot, so, ghost is a succulent, and as such, it needs a LOT of light and VERY little water. It should be getting several hours of direct sun daily and watering ONLY when the soil is TOTALLY dry. As far as the sun goes, since you only have a grow light, get that light decently close and leave it on at LEAST 6 hours, but not more than 12. If you pick up the pot now, you'll note how heavy it is... when it's time to water, the pot will feel really light.