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When should I take my tomato plant off tomato plant
Marshmallow plant is growing tomatoes in the tomatoes are turning right on I don’t know when to take
13” pot with drainage
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I am with @PlantyPlanter - redder the better BUT it will continue to ripen once you pull it off.

The ones you get from the grocery stores are usually shipped green and ripen while in transit.

The main thing is get it before the birds and bugs get it!!
You can take it off when it is in between ripe and Green which honestly you coul tak it off now
You take it off once it’s fully red!
@sarahsalith I agree with you completely
I pluck mine when red. I added a few pics of mine, in pic 1, the top two tomatoes are ready to pluck. The second two are a few days away but can still be plucked, the bottom green ones need a few weeks. Hope this helps 🙂

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