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Flooded plate, need advice asap
(I currently don't have a pot for my Aloe plant) do you think Alois will be fine? I just bought her at Aldi and she was DRY dry. I'm worried I might be stressing her out to much. I really love her.
Good news! Aloe likes it dry. You should let the soil dry completely before watering again and not let it sit in the water longer than it wants to drink.

I’ve had Aloe outdoors for a few years and my trick is to not water it πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
Also, make sure to dump the excess water that's on the plate so it's not sitting in it!
It'll be totally fine! They're used to being super dry (desert climate) and then super watered (desert monsoons) so you're doing exactly what it naturally wants. You won't need to water again for another 2-ish weeks probably.
I love my Aldi aloe too! Try to dump that water so it doesn’t stay wet too long. Aloes like to dry out between watering

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