Posted 3w ago by @annapop

soil is superrr hard
how should i go about repotting this?? the roots look so tiny but i’m not even sure if i can get the soil off without hurting it. i know i have to repot because the water just runs through the soil but it also has new growth which confuses me😅 any tips??
8” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
It sounds harsh, and I'm sure it is a little, but I squeeze it and pat it. So like I squeeze a little, then I pat it to get the soil, squeeze a little, pat the soil out, etc.

Could also try putting it in a bucket of water and saturating it as best you can, then pulling it apart that way.
If you feel like it needs to go in a new pot then you don’t need to remove the soil just add more to fill the pot. But it doesn’t seem like it needs to be repotted
@PlantMompy i think i will try putting it in a bucket of water, the soil is so compacted that it kinda just wiggles around in the nursery pot it came in
I have a plant that's doing the same. I kept telling myself that maybe I was crazy and it was fine but I've said it too many times. Definitely needs new soil and a repot 😭
@PlantMompy lol! we can be crazy together, i’ve heard plants make people crazy😵‍💫
@PlantyPlanter i’m gonna keep it in the same size pot i’m just worried that it’s not getting enough nutrients/ water from the soil being so compacted

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