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Experiment 2: Philodendron Brasil & ✨Pothos Water✨ (2 week update)
Hello there, #GregGang 👋🏽

🔬It’s been exactly 2 weeks since my last #ScienceWithGreg experiment and I apologize! So busy 😭 If you would like to catch up, read more here :

✅ We have good results so far! 💧🌿

📸 *click images to read*

• 1st Pic: The cuttings are labeled A, B, and C.

• 2nd Pic: Test A is rooting in 100% Bottled Water. No visible root/leaf growth except existing roots.

• 3rd Pic: Test B is rooting in 50/50 Bottled Water & Pothos Water. No root growth except slime mold. This is normal when cuttings are not cleaned after placing in water. To help this, clean the stem with hydrogen peroxide with your finger or tower to get rid of any bacteria and stick back in water.

• 4th Pic: Test C rooting in 100% Pothos Water! So far, the only cutting that has new leaf growth AND root growth! 🌱⚡️💧

❗️These are taking a little longer to root than my first batch, but it’s possible the roots were not the healthiest since they were shipped to me a few days prior, and that’s okay! I have changed the water today and will keep updating as I see new growth! 🤞🏽✨

💖 ty to @KikiGoldblatt for the Philo Brasil 🌿
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4” pot with drainage
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I need to get me a another Golden Pothos!!! These are great results 💚
@LatiTish84 Yesss!! 🌿✨ I’m going to update my Pothos Water post since I’ve noticed some changes with “potency” in the water with how long you keep cuttings in for 🤔💧🌿🔬
I noticed when I have a stem with no leaf’s it’s STRONG. Fast results. @kscape
@LatiTish84 Fast results when rooting a Golden Pothos cutting with no leaves? Interesting! It’s probably focusing on root growth since there’s no leaves to really focus on feeding and/or growing, but that’s so cool! Thank you for that piece of information. I’ll be making a overall questions and answer posts about #PothosWater to see how/what people think about it and what they’ve noticed when rooting their cuttings!
@kscape I love following your experiments! @LatiTish84 that is amazing! No leaf more root.
@kscape that is so awesome. Thanks for the updates. And you are so very welcome for the Philodendron Brasil. 💕💕🥰🥰
Cool beans!! ☺️👍🏻

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