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Hey all, I have a wide variety of plants and was just wondering as a general rule of thumb if there are any plants you should avoid misting. For those that do enjoy the misting, how frequently should you mist them?οΏΌ #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PestControl
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Too much misting can lead to water sitting on the leaves and that can lead to the leaves melting. Esp if the leaves are thin. Palms ficus and Calathea LOVE MISTING. Too much on Phillys and Alocasia can lead to rotting leaves.
On the other hand. A weekly misting is probably good unless the plant is outside or near a hot window
I mist almost all of mine. But I live in the desert 🏜 🌡 πŸͺ 🌞
I mist my golden pothos every two days now because of the hot weather here
@JungleLady505 same πŸ˜…πŸŒ΅
Depends on time of the day n how hot. Until abt 3 to 4pm I mist n it evaporates. As some plants dont like damp leaves overnight, gets water spots.
I personally avoid misting in general cuz it can lead to all kinds of issues... But I know a lot of people on here do it so 🀷
I think a humidifier is better than misting. Misting provides a splash of humidity for minutes. A humidifier can help keep it consistently more humid.
πŸ‘† what @RJG said.

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