Posted 4d ago by @SoftheartedHoya

Hey guys, the leafs on my dracena started to turn brown. I did not change anything about watering it, but it used to be outside on the balcony and now it's indoors
8” pot
Last watered 2 months ago
I also spotted very very tiny bugs in the soil, they don't seem to go anywhere on the plant itself but there are a few of them in the soil
Mine do this both from overwatering and under watering, so I don’t have a definitive answer except that it probably wants less water now that it’s inside.
Yeah less water since it’s inside for sure! I water mine biweekly and I’ve only had like two leaves in the bottom fall
I’d suggest trying to ID the bugs to find out what you’ve got and whether it’s harmful. Maybe some kind of systemic pest control granules if you start to find insect damage or it’s a unwelcome pest. Keep the plant quarantined in the meantime. ❀️πŸͺ΄β€οΈ
Well, no wonder it got worse after I started spraying it with water, thinking that it needed more moisture πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
Thanks guys, I'll try my best to fix that. It's my first plant 🌿
I also notice that happens when I bring mine inside. I just trim the ends and water once the soil feels dry. I reduce misting to every couple days. This guy is 1 of my first plants too. I love them!
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