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My plants need to be repotted but I don't know how big to go pot size wise. I have a Swiss cheese plant & Snake plant that need it most. But they're in their OG pots from IKEA. Suggestions? #HappyPlants #repotted #repotting #plantmom
Can you post some pictures?
General rule of thumb is no more than 2 inches bigger in pot size. Snake plants do not like extra room in the pot, so maybe 1 inch bigger on that one and only if it's very rootbound. You could also try to propagate by division in order to keep them in the same size pots and start new separate plants if you want more plant babies πŸ™‚
My Swiss cheese plant, Hamilton
I agree with @didikillit , but have a look at the size of the root ball just incase the grower has over potted. Maybe a pot just larger than the root ball.
Beautiful Swiss cheese plant! I have a small one, my first. I love to get and grow unusual plants. It is usually best to repot only to a somewhat bigger pot, not a lot larger one, each time. Some plants only do their best when potbound.
@Court_Plants definitely pictures of your plants would be helpful and include the pot size their in as well.
Not sure the pot size πŸ˜†

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