Posted 3w ago by @LoyalYellowrose

Are my Spider Babies ready for soil?

have been propping these pups in water for a few weeks now, these are my furthest along and am just wondering how mature the roots should be before i pot them? (thinking the two on the right should go back into water for now) #SpiderPlant #PropagationStation #NewGrowth
4ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
I've noticed for a lot of different plants that they can be potted when the roots are at least one or two inches long. Yours might be ready!
@LoyalYellowrose Most definitely, I see the browning on the leaves. This is a sign of them starting to slip . I lost 3 cuttings to that browning decay . If you have a starter soil or growth hormone , I I’d suggest using that also . Good luck πŸ‘
@ILoveMyPlants Thank you! I genuinely think the browning may be some excess sun exposure from when i first snipped them from their momma, I quickly repositioned them! I am leaning towards trimming the brown sections off, thoughts?
I’m ready to snip some more babies off and am looking forward to graduating these to a permanent home 😊
@ILoveMyPlants @ballondusoleil are there any rules on group potting? I love the idea of expediting the β€œfullness” of the plant but dont want to overcrowd at the get go, here’s the pot i have in mind for these 4
@LoyalYellowrose Unless they worsen, I’d leave them on if that’s the case . I know mine just went one by one till I had nothing but a little root . But if you have lots of healthy spikes cutting them off would be silly . You got this πŸͺ΄
I have never put my spider babies in water. Just stick in dirt and water. They are good to go