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Anyone have an ID on this?

Hey plant fam! I just picked up this Aglaonema at Walmart. It was the last one and in a post labeled as a Peace Lilly. It had a Costa Farms tag, so I reached out to them to get the ID on its variety. They replied that it is a Dieffenbachia ‘Sparkles’, but this plant has no nodes and different coloring, so I don’t think that is correct. I think it might be an Aglaonema ‘Silver Bay’ (Similar stem color, but this one seems to have more green stripes and less silver leaf centers) or MAYBE a ‘Maria Christina’ (Similar leaf pattern but a bit different stem/leaf color)?

The gray flecks on the leaves with the whitish stems are what are throwing me off. Is there a tricolor variety of Maria possibly?

Thanks for your input! I appreciate your help in IDing this guy!
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@SilkenGrasspea yeah that’s some kind of unintentional fusion. I’d put it in the Silver Queen house for the App because their needs are the more complicated of the two.
Chinese Evergreen, I had one of these same variegation
Yeah, I thought my comment went through but I agree. Looks like a Chinese Evergreen.
Thank you both for your help! I agree, I’m just not sure which variety of Chinese Evergreen this one is. 🧐 @LovelyRockweed Do you remember which variety yours was?
@SilkenGrasspea take a picture of it but from a distance… hover above, from the side, looking up from a left or right angle… that’ll help us figure out… It kind of looks like a Finest Diamond as well.
@PlantJedi I accidentally pushed ‘delete’ on my last post instead of ‘edit’ so I posted the question again. Looks like the original one is still there! 😆
@SilkenGrasspea I was like Deja Vu 😂
@PlantJedi Haha my bad!
@SilkenGrasspea zoom out just a little bit more and it’ll be easier.
If it truly is from costa farms I feel it could only be a silver bay. I’ve seen some exactly like this at stores near me labeled as such, so unless costa farms is notorious for mislabeling this is my best guess.
@plantt Ahh, actually scratch that. I believe it’s a ‘Silver Queen’ :))
@plantt Oh, that sure does look like it!
I'm with Autumn! @plantt) I think it's an Aglaonema Silver Queen too, the leaf pattern is really striking! 🤩 She's beautiful!! 💚🥰💚 Xx
@plantt that’s the name! LOL I was thinking about it all night at work.
Silver queen’s leaves are kind of skinny, right? These look thick and oval like a Bay. I thought it was a Diamond Bay but diamonds don’t have a middle line pattern. Looks like some kind of cross Silver Queen Bay. Very unique… a zoomed out picture would really help.
@PlantJedi Thanks! It really didn’t seem to fit into the categories I was trying to put it in. Here is a more zoomed out photo.

I found this image online after searching for ‘Silver Queen’ and the leaf color/pattern looks just like it. Stem is a bit lighter and leaves a tad more oval, but this looks closer than anything I’ve found. Thank you all for your help!!
@SilkenGrasspea literally as I was typing lol…
@PlantJedi Awesome, thanks so much for the advice! Really appreciate it.