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Which Syngonium is which?
The nursery only labels them as arrowhead vines but these have to be different varieties. I just don't know which. My baby, Managers Special, and it has light green interior, darker green edges and pink veins. Lionel Richie, which has smaller leaves and is much darker on the edges with no pink veins. Who is what?
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i think the first one is a pixie and the second one is an albovirens. @jcPlantProper correct me if i’m wrong pls😁
I think the second is a Cream Allusion maybe, but agree with first being Pixie
@discreetwildyam I agree with the first one but I think @kscape is correct on the second one.
@annapop @kscape @KikiGoldblatt Yup! We got ourselves a pixie and cream allusion. Thank you!!
yay!! glad we could help😁

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