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I got this orchid plant almost two weeks ago, and when I received it, it had mold growing in the soil and the moss was turning black... I quickly removed all the moss and dirt it came with and started trimming the black and rotten roots.
Now, it stays in purified bottle water and I give it a little bit of plant vitamins and I was wondering, how do I continue to keep the roots green? They are yellow as of now and I don't wanna trim anymore and stress my plant.
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Hey there Kendra! Yellow orchid roots actually aren’t a sign of sickness, but rather an indicator that the roots haven’t had access to sunlight. In other words, it’s not uncommon for some parts of the roots that are deeper in the pot to be yellow. I wouldn’t trim them!

@lazyplantparent thank you! When should I put it in soil?? Since I have my orchid plant in purified water with vitamins as of now..
@EminentSweetsop I think you can transition to a light and airy orchid blend anytime! I’d personally recommend orchid bark with sphagnum moss but there’s a lot of pre made blends out there too :)

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