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hi everyone,so basically my white jasmine plant is wrinkled and drying or maybe dying i put that in direct sunlight for about 6 days and now it's in the shade what to do #outdoorgrowing #plantsmakepeoplehappy
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Welcome to Greg, @ProphetMikimiki ! Your Jasmine plant needs to be deeply watered every few days until it’s established especially if it’s direct sunlight especially if it has good drainage. The sun has been fairly strong and can damage the foliage quickly. If you have any parts that are crispy and brown, I would trim those away so that it could focus on the healthier growth. Then feed it with a liquid plant food (give it a very mild dose) and make sure it gets a few hours of sunlight but not too many. Jasmine is fairly resilient. My first Jasmine went completely dry and I left it alone. It came back after a lite trim and heavy watering. They tend to dry out fairly quickly and easily so it is best to make sure it is growing in a self-watering container if you can but don’t overdo the watering if you put it in a self-watering pot. With these, they do well with water once a week in partial sun and shade as long as the soil is well draining, chunky, and loose. If it’s in a pot with drainage, you’ll have to water more often to keep it hydrated. Feel free to share a pic so we can see your plant’s current condition and provide further help.
Hey Amber!

Welcome to Greg! Sorry to hear about your jasmine plant. Can you post a picture of it? That will help us better help you. ☺️
this is my sad jasmine
Welcome to Greg, Amber. You'll live this app and get the best advice from a wonderful caring community. Happy growing 🌱🌿💛

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