Posted 2w ago by @RightlyCosmo

Why is my monstera drooping?
Can we see more? It may be dry? Seems next to a window which may dry it out faster than usual
It's been directly in front of the window but I just moved it in case too much light is the problem.
Its leaves look soggy
So too much water?
@sarahsalith know what’s going on? I would think too much water
It could be too much light, but it looks overwatered.

It looks like it's a Costa Farms pot: a pot within a pot.

I think over time, your plant has been overwatered. Grab a pair of needle nose pliers and see if you can pull out the nursery pot. Check that soil. (:

Thanks for the tag, @ABCD 😁
@sarahsalith I always take the plastic pot out to water it and let it drain.
@RightlyCosmo is it still droopy after three days?
@sarahsalith It's looking perkier!!
@RightlyCosmo GOOD! Maybe it just wanted some attention. (:

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