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r.i.p to Matilda after a long fight between the sun, lack of humidity, and a lil bunny named moo I’ve decided she’s been through enough πŸ˜”
#RoseCalathea #maybenexttime #calatheamakoyana
4” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
Can you just clip the leaf and keep the roots? Do the roots look good?
I've been there ... except for the bunny named Moo. πŸ’š
RIP Matilda πŸ˜₯
RIP Matilda πŸ˜₯
Sorry about Matilda. πŸ₯²
Your soul is with the Gods now Matilda.
@Mossflowerwood the roots did actually look really good I just didn’t know what to do with her anymore :(
Sorry Matilda πŸ˜₯
Water.. I think the lil bunny’s name was β€œWater,” Especially if in a 4 inch pot, direct light and not much humidity. I’m surprised the poor girl didn’t grow a pair of legs, jump up out of her 4’ pot and run away from home! (Sorry!) I have two Maranta’s (very close in growth, habit and culture) and learned my lesson by trial and error .. but luckily before my guy could grab a backpack! I was able to cut out the damaged leaves and brought him back. I then purchased a new one. This was a few months ago. Here is the difference of how the two plants look.. I find it amazing .. In fact, I call my second one my Monster (because of the comparison of the two)
@WizardGrapeivy hahah it’s amazing the way plants can and will try to hold on. I’d love to hear more about your trials and errors in still trying to learn about this lil one

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