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Wanting to make my English Ivy more full! Any tips?
Hi #GregGang ,

I’ve had this English Ivy for probably like.. 6 months or so, and it’s getting really long.. I want to make it more full, but was wondering how to go about making the really long part into smaller parts that will continue to grow.

#ivy #EnglishIvy
8” pot
Last watered 2 weeks ago
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I prune mine back and more leaves grow on the vine. I take those cuttings and propagate them in water. Then stick them back in the pot where there are empty spots.
Honestly, Ivy and I aren't on speaking terms - but I KNOW that as the plant establishes itself, it will have new growth from the bottom.

If you want to- you could trim the stems and see if that forces the growth back down, but it will take time.
I usually weave the stems aroud each other for a denser look. Like spin a branch around and let it hang down opposite side..if Im making any sense now..
Trim it, propagate the clippings and replant in the same pot when they’re ready.

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