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Rescue Dragon Tree
So I saw this poor fella at lowes on a clearance rack tucked away in the bottom. He was in a pot inside a pot with zero drainage and just sitting in water. He was super stinky so I took him out and discovered that all the roots were at the bottom? And the stem was lost it’s “bark” when I grabbed it there at the part that was previously under soil… I rinsed off all the dirt and got him down to bare root, cut off a few black spots in the roots, splashed some hydrogen peroxide in the roots and repotted him in regular potting soil in terra cotta with only the roots under the soil. And gave him a hair cut. My biggest concern is damaged bottom stem area - should that be below the dirt? Should I cut him down and try to propagate him instead? #DragonTree #RescuePlants #help
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My first thought was “ew” at that stem! Is is squishy? What kind of soil ? These need to dry out so make sure it’s as chunky of a soil you can get it in! And give it some fertilizer. But definitely if those stems are squishy you want to remove them
@jcPlantProper stem isn’t squishy since the bark slid off 🥺 does feel wet tho even tho I haven’t watered it since repotting 12 hours ago…I used regular miracle grow (I know it’s not everyone’s fave but I have a giant bag to get they before I switch to something else). I have perlite I could mix in?
Perlite will definitely help. The soil that plant was in is the WORST and never dries lol. But yes for sure! Since you just got the plant I’d leave the stem and just keep an eye on it
Thank you @jcPlantProper! ❤️
You have done an AMAZING JOB! The tree looks so good!!

The stems should callous over in the future. Keep the wound clean and it will soon be a faded memory.

Perlite is my best friend in the plant world. It. Is. Amazing.

Please keep us updated -- it is an incredible #BeforeAndAfter plant!
@sarahsalith thank you! ❤️❤️❤️
You have just become one of my idols 💖💖

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