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How can I save these baby plants? Got these from Amazon a...

2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
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All inch plants are very sensitive to overwatering, but the callisia repens (your small pink one) will really hate it. The repens’ stems get mushy and gummy quite easily if it is touching or draping across wet soil (not damp or moist, but wet, the top needs to dry out).

Try to dry them out all over, put them somewhere bright but not in direct sun, warmth will help evaporate the water more quickly - but not hot (maybe spray them with fungicide so their roots don’t rot), and prop up their pots on something that creates a gap so air can get to the pot drainage holes - that can help dry them out better.

If you can gently squeeze their nursery pots, you can eliminate more standing water in the soil. If repotting them is too risky, because they can be fragile, you could add perlite to the top to help the stems not get mushy closest to the soil and maybe rake the perlite into the soil with a fork on the top half portion to try and get air to the roots. You can clip off the shriveled and dead leaves so the plant can focus on the healthy parts.

If it goes south too quickly, you can propagate them fairly quickly and easily in water.
@EZLennyLance I repot them in a bigger pot with dry soil so hopefully it helps
@GodlyGreenbeans if they needed a bigger pot, I’m sure they’ll love it, I’d only recommend the soil have a good amount of perlite.

From personal experience, I’ve learned to be careful with a bigger pot with this particular plant (it’s bit me in the butt more than once), when you have more volume, it holds more water, and stays wet longer - which they hate. If they stay too wet, the stems get gummy and disintegrate.

The roots of these plants are teeny tiny thin like hairs, because of that, as they grow and twine around their pot friends’ roots they’re happier, perkier, and can hold their fragile stems up better. With this plant, when multiple stems get bigger in a smaller pot, they intertwine and support each other, helping them not be as fragile. If they aren’t entwined enough, they’ll hang over too far and hard on the pot edge (because their stems and roots can’t support themselves alone) and strangle themselves; this causes the stem to die at the pressure point. Just thought I’d share what I’ve learned so far about this plant, yet there are a million more things I haven’t. Good luck 🍀
Ooh ok. This is actually super super helpful. I noticed how delicate it is while transporting to the new pot