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I just watered this guy on Tuesday. He's in a biodegradable nursery pot for now because it was the smallest I had available. But why is he wrinkly again 😭 looks like a wrinkly nutsack and I just want plump juicy leaves😭 are these wrinkly bits just dieing off due to age or is he really just that thirsty all the time? πŸ˜…
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
Maybe you should try changing the soil and see if it is root bound
Don’t worry the plants in my greenhouse can’t go a day without water πŸ™„
It's been repotted already from the store pot. I've had it maybe 2 weeks now. Definitely not root bound as I knocked it over and had to re-bury him again because he plopped right out. Roots are still very shallow. I'm thinking he's just a thirsty boy. Will check soil again tomorrow AM to see if he's dry enough for a drink. Could also just be the fact that he's in my bedroom and I always keep my ceiling fan on and have an oscillating fan on at night when I sleep. So maybe he just needs water more often than my other plants
This happened to me too, even though I watered the plant deeply. I fixed it by just giving it a second watering a short time later on the same day. I’m also considering bottom watering the next time, so the plant has more time to drink up. This is my first time succeeding with a burro’s tail and it’s because I only water once the buds get wrinkly/dehydrated. 😬