Posted 3M ago by @AmiableDracaena

Hello! I recently repotted my Arrowhead and she gave me a...

2ft to light, indirect
21” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
You will need to repot. You should select the pot size based on the size of the roots. A 21" pot is way too big from just looking at that. My guess is that may be a 4" or 6" pot needed.

Remove the plant from the soil, remove any mushy roots, spray with peroxide and then repot into a smaller pot with drainage. The pot should be no more than 1-2" bigger than the root size.

Repot with whatever container soil you have, but mix in some perlite and some orchid bark if you have it. You want the soil mix to be a little chunky to help with aeration and help avoid root rot.