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How do I breed plants? And any helpful information about breeding plants.
I’m back with another random question! So, how do I breed plants? And how do I mix plants? (Like planting them next to each other so they grow into one) Im curious and considering doing this. Thanks! #PlantAddict #PropagationStation #PlantCorner #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #ScienceWithGreg #SeaVetchling
Breeding consists of mixing pollen from the flowers. I believe @ForFoxSake has made a few posts about doing this.

If you plant plants next to one another they could grow together/intertwine but they won't mate without flowering.
@PlantMompy got it!
@PlantMompy could I like tie the plants roots together? To get them to grow together?
@PlantyPlanter I wouldn't mess with the roots. You could stake, tie, braid, etc. above ground just like you would a single plant or single type of plant, though.

Are there specific plants you're thinking about trying to do this with?
@PlantMompy yes there is, this is gonna sound random but I’m really curious on how this would turn out and am sketching ideas. I wanna do sea vetchling and Solomon seal
Oh, you can totally weave them into one another as they grow!
@PlantMompy I was hoping to get the vetch to rap around the ss and if that’s a way to get them to bind that would be great! Do I just leave the roots alone?
The sea vetchling will probably hold onto the Solomon's seal as well.

I don't know a ton about both, but I don't immediately think of one or the other as a plant that would dominate too much.
@PlantMompy ya, ss is a peaceful plant and I haven’t seen anything about vetches being stranglers
@PlantMompy and they would grow back together every year right? (Them both being perennials)
Haha, we were thinking the same thing!

Yes, the vetch has little vines that grow from it and wrap around whatever it's trying to "climb." You can encourage it to do it to the SS either by wrapping it around, or you can tie it together.

Vetch is like any other pea, so just like the ones in my garden grow up poles, if I don't tell them to, they will just reach out and climb whatever they can reach.
You would need to re-weave them each year, but if planted near each other I'm sure they will do it a lot on their own.
@PlantMompy ok great! I saw that they had little tendril parts and I know one of the species said something about climbing but at the beach the vetchlings didn’t look like they were climbing (to be far they looked vary new compared to the last time I went to another beach and saw them but that was a while ago so maybe they were just getting to the end of the rope? Or maybe it was a different species) do you think mine will climb? Also, do you think I cut cut the root and get another one to grow? I can’t figure out what kind of root they have.
@sarahsalith do you know anything about this? What would you think of a Solomon seal X sea vetchling?
@PlantyPlanter I saw some tendrils in some photos. I always plant my peas from seed, so I'm not sure. But if they are perennial I'd see if you can do seeds and just plant them once that way.
@PlantMompy ok now I’m worried, can you breed plants from different genuses?
I think @PlantMompy is right on the money. I think you'll have to entwine them each year. I think they will both die away in the cold months. I'm sure you could do it once and see if it's something you want to do every single year.

I do think they'd look good planted together.
@sarahsalith you don’t think they would look good with the vetchling wrapped around? I don’t know if it would rap around that good.
@PlantyPlanter yeah, it's cross pollination. It doesn't always work or work well, but it happens frequently. It's how we have gotten a lot of the food we eat today.
@PlantMompy breeding from different genuses? OH RIGHT! Like fruits! How could I forget! Then how come everything was making it out to be that you could only do it within the same genus?
@PlantMompy so I could breed plants from different genuses?
@PlantyPlanter I think it's a little easier to think of it like animals. A female horse and a male donkey make a mule, it's a specific hybrid but they are similar animals and it works. But you don't see cows and horses mating or mating successfully. Doesn't mean it couldn't happen, but it may not produce a healthy animal.

Plants are the same. Some can combine almost flawlessly, like two different breeds of horse. Some it needs to be specific, like a female horse and a male donkey, to get genetics that work together.
Some don't work at all.

I'm betting same genus means you have great odds of the plants working out.
Different means it could, but it could also create a plant that can't survive and you don't know until you try.

Obviously there are very specific ways to get certain traits when cross breeding/pollinating, etc. But I don't think that's a hope level. Our abilities at home are more like when a honey bee brings pollen from one plant to another and it makes a new one.
@PlantMompy I had a feeling that there was a way to get different features. Ok, but ya probably to hard and advanced. So do you know how I breed these? Can I just follow a guide online as usual?
@PlantMompy and this is to get one of the plants to produce an offspring with both of the genetics right? Like I would have to wait for the sea vetchling to produce seeds?
I've never done it myself, but if you're trying to create a hybrid and not just have them grow intertwined you'll have to collect pollen from the flowers of each and combine it. I don't know how you store/mix/grow from there but I'm sure it involves a freezer and grow lights and other stuff to keep everything in peak conditions. Definitely a Google situation.
@PlantMompy what do you think would need to go in the freezer? Wouldn’t it make the seeds produce the offspring?
I think we need @Kiersten help because I don’t think sea vetchlings have pollen
@kscape do you know anything 😭
I have no info knowledge about flowers πŸ₯²πŸ₯² not a huge fan of flowers but I assume u just take pollen from one flower and then pollinate the other. Other than that, I like LEAVES 😌🌿
@kscape I don’t think sea vetchlings have pollen 😭 if they produce seeds does that mean they have pollen? Then grow from each other’s roots like a rhizome
@kscape I need to tell you about the flower I wanna make! I call it, SEA BELLS! Just image this plant, just with Solomon seal flowers!
@RJG PLEASE tell me you can help me out 😭
@PlantyPlanter WAIT this is actually gucking cool LOL let me go into a rabbit hole about pollinating/breeding flowers and SS and vetchlings. Give me 10-15 mins to search 😁

Would they grow vetchling leaves with the hanging flowers of a SS?
@PlantyPlanter we had some in IL but they attracted hella aphids because they love eating the leaves. Those were competitive in the wild and would sometimes take over.
@kscape what was? The sea vetchlings?
@PlantyPlanter Oop-forgot it was the sea vetchling πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Btw, my SS rhizome shipped
@kscape so the sea vetchling did or don’t attract aphids?
@kscape did you find anything else?
@PlantyPlanter i tried but my phone was at 2% and needed to charge, and I have 9 plants to water and other update stuff
@kscape ok! That’s fine! Thanks for all the help!
@PlantyPlanter BUT I do know they self pollinate or whatever (self-fertile)
@kscape does that mean they pollinate them selves? Which one?
@PlantyPlanter also, I got a C in biology so my brain cannot comprehend the sex of flowers and how some self pollinate but others require bees or wind to bump them into other flowers?? Idk it’s so much overwhelming info lol
@kscape so self pollinating means that they pollinate them selves? Ya it is pretty confusing πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« Can’t it just be like β€œdo this with this and bam!”
@kscape wow where did you find these articles?
@PlantyPlanter googled β€œsea vetchling how to pollinate” or β€œsea vetchling pollination process” πŸ’€
@PlantyPlanter Kiersten is your Greg Team member in the specifics. I just know somehow bugs are normally involved.
@PlantyPlanter @RJG @PlantMompy @kscape Hey guys, you rang?

First of all, good questions. Good answers! @PlantyPlanter

1. Can you create a hybrid between the sea vetchling and Solomon seal?

>> No. These two plants are not compatible biologically they are a different genus.

2. Can these plants β€œself-pollinate”?

Any plant can self-pollinate but the same flower will not be receptive. The reproductive cycle of plants is usually as follows: female parts are active during early phases of bloom. Male parts are activated when pollen is released.

At no time will both female and male parts be active on a single flower.

If pollen from flower A gets placed on the spadex of flower B while female parts are receptive on the same plant the pollination will be successful and a fruit or seed will be produced.

How to pollinate them? Nature! Hang up a hummingbird feeder and let the birds and small bees do the work. Harvest seeds, grow seedlings. Selectively choose the traits you admire and plant them in the same pot. And repeat until you are 4-5 generations in then do cuttings from that plant to preserve the mutations.
@ForFoxSake so I can’t breed them?
@Leensha-Lou sorry I guess no sea bells
No you can’t. You could possibly (maybe) pull off a splice but I don’t think the genus are similar enough. One is more of a pea and the other is more of a sunflower
@ForFoxSake actually Solomon seal are part of the asparagus family! What’s a splice? I know someone told me about that but couldn’t remember what it was
@PlantyPlanter ☹️
@PlantyPlanter where you graft one plant to another. Usually works on trees but not sure about flowers. I think they might not like it

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