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What’s up with Bartleby?

#Pilea getting light spotty patches all over. No pests or root rot. Gets good morning sun.
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
@Em-CH Hi Emma Are you sure this is something wrong and not just part of the plants characteristics?
Consider the following

Cause: Small salt-like grains

About it: These spots are mineral deposits that develop as the plant photosynthesizes.

Cure & Prevention: Don't worry: if your plant looks healthy, there is no reason to be concerned. Start using filtered water for your Pilea and just let the plant do its things

Otherwise the most likely cause it overwatering.
Hope this helps answer your question. All the best πŸ‘
Mine does the same thing !!!
@Seymour ah super. Thought it might be some kind of fungal thing. Thanks!
@Em-CH Happy to help answer your question. All the best πŸ‘