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Why are my peperomia leaves soft, droopy, and losing colo...

I would think its overwatering but I haven't watered it in a long time. About a week ago, Lucas' leaves started to turn a green-yellowish color and they feel less firm than they used to. Does any peperomia owner know what's happening to him? #peperomia
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
@ArieBerrie can be caused by a few factors other than overwatering. Here are some possibilities to consider…. underwatering: While it might seem counterintuitive, underwatering can also lead to droopy and discolored leaves. Make sure the plant is getting enough water. Stick your finger about an inch into the soil – if it feels dry, it's time to water.
Light Issues: Insufficient light can cause peperomia leaves to lose their vibrancy and become droopy. Peperomias prefer bright, indirect light. Ensure your plant is getting the right amount of light for its type.
temperature and humidity: Extreme temperature changes or very low humidity can stress the plant and lead to drooping leaves. Peperomias like consistent, moderate temperatures and appreciate a bit of humidity.
Nutrient Deficiency: Lack of essential nutrients can manifest as droopy or discolored leaves. Consider fertilizing your peperomia with a balanced, diluted fertilizer according to the plant's needs.
pests: Sometimes pests like spider mites or mealybugs can cause damage to peperomia leaves, resulting in drooping and discoloration. Inspect the plant closely for any signs of pests.
Root Issues: Poor root health, whether from root rot or root-bound conditions, can impact the plant's ability to take up water and nutrients, leading to drooping and discolored leaves.
potting mix: Using the wrong type of potting mix or one that doesn't drain well can affect the plant's health. Peperomias prefer well-draining soil. @ArieBerrie It's important to closely assess your plant's conditions and rule out each possibility. Adjusting factors like watering, light, humidity, and soil can help you pinpoint the issue. If you're still unsure, reaching out to a local plant expert or a gardening community might provide more specific insights based on your peperomia's needs.
Maybe it's insufficient lighting since I only have a grow light set up. Do you know if its due to too much light or too little? My succulents thrive under it so I'm thinking too much :(
I see your peperomia has recently flowered. Last time my Peperomia frost flowered it lost a lot of foliage. So that’s a possibility. It might be too much light if you are seeing burn marks on the leaves. How long have you had your plant under this light?
@AroidAdventurer About one month. It was thriving under it before so I'm quite surprised. Should I move him now?
@ArieBerrie are there any burn marks or drying out on the leaves?
Sorry for the late reply, I see some brown spots but I'm not sure if they are burn marks. @AroidAdventurer