Posted 1Y ago by @FullScrubpine

Losing leaves

Help! My plants leaves keep developing small brown spots that grow to big brown spots then the leaves drop. It’s still growing new leaves but not fast enough to keep up with the dying ones! How can I save it?
15” pot
Last watered 8 months ago
I see on your plant car there is no drainage listed? If it's true, then you could be dealing with root rot. 😐
Welcome to Greg, Erin!

I find that my ficus need as MUCH bright light as I can possibly give them. They also don't like to be moved around a lot so when I find my plant's happy spot, I leaf it alone.

How long have you had it? It looks like a pretty established plant.
@Marthamaywho92 hi! The pot has a section for drainage at the bottom! I took it out of the pot about a month ago to check for root rot and I didn’t see any mush roots. But in case it is root rot, could it be fixed/saved?
@sarahsalith I’ve had it since April, it was pretty big when I got it! Maybe I’ll find a place with more direct light?
@FullScrubpine as long as it has drainage and you looked at it a month ago I doubt root rot is the case πŸ‘
Just remember, when you pick out a plant, it looks amazing....

Then you bring it home from where it was getting great care and near-perfect growing conditions. (: Now it's your job to find its happy spot.

I have several Ficus plants and they are all either in very bright east-facing windows or in my west-facing windows. I keep a few outside too. They love getting all the light outside ... until I haul them in for the winter. But with proper lighting, they always put out new leaves again.