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She’s driving me nuts.
I got this beauty about 2 weeks ago from target, completely drenched & needing a haircut due to all the dead & browning leaves. Since then, she hasn’t been watered because she’s still wet but is still browning terribly. I have a humidifier on all day & my house sits anywhere between 50 & 60 percent humidity. I give her a spritz every day or so & have a grow light on her. If I keep trimming away all the dead she won’t have anything left! Do I pull her out & check her roots? Let her be dramatic & not have something pretty to look at? Throw her away before I lose my mind? HELP ME 😭 #TriostarStromanthe #browning #dramatic
2ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
@asslynn if it were my plant I would definitely pull it out and check the roots. It could be root bound. Do you have a current photo you can share because it looks beautiful from that pic.
might be best to err on the side of caution and check her roots, as kristy said!
@KikisOasis she’s in the bathroom right now just to get the humidity from the bedtime showers. It’s hard to get it all in one picture but there’s browning edges & a lot of the tips are crispy as well. I’ll pull her out tomorrow & check.
@asslynn according to what I have read they don’t like to be sitting in water. They browning of the leaves is from too much sunlight.
Put her in a self watering pot! It was the best thing I did! They are too picky with water requirements
@usera1f0aca4 I have one! When I check her roots I’ll move her over to that.
@asslynn good! It’ll be so much easier once you do that.
I would avoid spritzing her, the humidifier / bathroom should be enough. Mine browned from spritzing and some other leaves also browned from getting direct sun rays in the beginning (oops)
Are you running the heater? These need a lot of humidity and can be really picky about it. @BoozyBillsBabe had a huge one in her bathroom that was struggling for awhile but I believe it made a comeback. Tori what ended up doing the trick?
@BJoyce it’s currently getting indirect light from 8 or 9 feet away and is next to a humidifier!
Oooof I recognize that pot. I have the same triostar from Wild Interiors, I purchased it at a grocery store. They had absolutely drenched the poor thing - I had to let it dry for about 2 weeks as well. The soil they pot these in has no sort of drainage medium - it’s just solid peatmoss. I agree, misting does not help these, your house humidity is perfectly fine. The issues you’re seeing are likely just from how it was cared for at the store - not your fault at all. I usually don’t repot in winter, but in this case, I might. These bounce back strong and mine really took off after repotting in a chunkier mix (highly recommend Fox Farms Ocean Forest, large perlite & coconut husk chips for these.) Scoot closer to the window, but SLIGHTLY off to the left side, where direct light won’t hit it, but where it can enjoy the indirect light closer. Grow light probably not necessary and may be doing more harm than good if it’s too close. If you have an East facing window, that’s perfect for these. Even if it loses most of its leaves - with proper care, it will bounce back super quick and strong! Good luck!!
Oh forgot to mention - distilled or rainwater for these as well! (Tap won’t kill them - just gives them more crispy edges.)
@Nataleaf i wish i could collect rainwater for my plants 🥲 the rain in my country tends to be more acidic than other places so i have to buy distilled water
@Nataleaf I sit my tap out overnight & add hydrogen peroxide. It should be okay, right?
@Nataleaf I’m pretty sure I’ll be reporting sometime this weekend. Getting closer to the 3 week mark and it’s still wet. Ill have to order some fox farms now, I was planning on waiting til spring. I’ll have to do some rearranging of plants to get it closer to a window but that’s no problem.
@asslynn I wouldn’t add hydrogen peroxide super regularly. It will kill bad bacteria in the soil, but will also kill good bacteria, too. With tap, depending on your water quality, you might just see crispy tips more frequently so that’s totally up to you! I don’t mind them so much, so I use tap when rain isn’t plentiful.
@asslynn Try sitting some paper towels or even a fabric hand towel underneath the drainage holes. It will help soak up excess water.
No wonder she was so upset 😢 all roots with just soil packed on top. She’s been moved from a 4inch to a 5 inch, got broken up a bit & is currently bottom watering w a little fertilizer in the water to help her bounce back.
Definitely check her roots. Mines in an east window with no humidifier and I spray her a couple times a week. She was a Walmart over water rescue a few months ago. They're also pretty easy to propagate.