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what could’ve caused this?
Another small leaf looked like this too and a bigger leaf on top had a small amount of brown on the edge.
1ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
@plntparenthood calatheas love humidity, is it close to a humidifier or do you spritz it daily. My rattlesnake plant had 3 new growths that died on me because of lack of humidity. Not sure why these babies love humidity so much. @sarahsalith what’s your thought?
That leaf looks like it's rotting. I would consider cutting it off and throwing it away.
@KikiGoldblatt I'd see if @wolfwoman has a good explanation of why it could be happening. Maybe someone in the #CalatheaCrew can help.
@plntparenthood - was it really watered two months ago?!
@sarahsalith no it was watered a week ago just never added it on here. and i just watered it today and cut off those leaves
@KikiGoldblatt it is near a humidifier and i misted it today after cutting off those leaves
@plntparenthood I wonder if being next to a humidifier is causing the issues. Does the humidifier run 24/7? Is the plant in the direct path of the water?
@sarahsalith i move the humidifier to different spots of the room to get other plants. it doesn’t run 24/7 and it’s never in direct path. i’m wondering if it was too close to the window or if something happened while it was shipped to my house
It looks like overwatering to me. I could be wrong. I would check the roots. Also, calatheas like distilled water, as there are too many minerals and impurities in tap.
@wolfwoman thank you!
@plntparenthood no problem. Good luck!

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