Posted 3w ago by @QuesterKiekie

How does it do outside with direct sunlight in 100 degree temps? Will the 8 day watering still be right?
12” pot
Last watered 3 weeks ago
She’s gonna be sad in direct sunlight. Give them some shade to acclimate to those temps first or you’ll sunburn her. And depending on the soil you’ll need to water daily
Most likely the watering schedule will not be correct if your plant is outside. I have several plants outside and Greg does not get those right.

I just go about every other day and check the plants and mark them as watered.

EDIT: your geranium can stay outside. Just keep an eye on it during the heat of the day when plants are most vulnerable to the sun being right overhead.
Oh! And welcome to Greg, Kenneth! (: You can water your plants whenever they need to be watered. Even if the app does not suggest it, take care of your plants. 

If the app suggests that you water your plants and they are not ready to be watered, hit the "snooze" button. That will prompt the app to remind you to check your plants again in three days. After two or three weeks of snoozing and watering consistently, the app will "learn" the best watering rhythm to notify you to check your plants.

It's not rocket surgery and it's not always 100% correct, but after using this app for nearly 2 years, I can tell you that it works well. 😁

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