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Snake plant repotting!
How do you know when to repot a snake plant? I def need to do this soon no matter what because last time I watered I saw what I believe were aphids. I’ve been treating with cinnamon and neem oil and didnt see anything when I watered today.

I did notice the nursery pot was cracking. There are for sure 2 and maybe a 3rd new pups coming through. If I get a bigger pot how much larger should I get? It’s currently in a 10” pot #SnakePlant
8ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Snake plants like to be tight in their pots. They will continue to push out new growth in an attempt to be tight in their pots.

You can leaf it alone and let it stay there or you can pull it out when it is a few inches tall. The longer you leave it attached to the mother plant, the better its chances of survival will be.
Nursery pot is cracking- I should have slowed my roll and reread your post. 😬

Depending on the age of the nursery pot, you'll probably see some cracks in the plastic. When was the last time you repotted your plant? How did the roots look?

If the roots are coming out of the bottom of the nursery pot, you can go up an inch or two and pot size. Keeping in mind- they really want to be snug. 
Congrats on all the new growth!! I would leave the plant alone until the babies have grown a little bit more if possible. If you want to separate the plant at all, you could potentially do that and plant them into two smaller pots. I also recommend waiting to water the snake plants after you repot. The roots are fragile then and need a week or more to establish themselves before watering
@sarahsalith it’s in then original pot that I purchased. Roots seem ok I don’t see anything coming out of the drain holes! I have heard they like to be snug! If I did repot more due to the pests, would putting in the same size with new soil be ok?
@Rmbell811 I thought about repotting some of the babies so that I could have 2 snake plants ☺️
@AshleyK I think that would be perfect! (:
@AshleyK did you get this at Costco?
@bpark the plant is from Aldi!
@AshleyK I got one from Costco that looks like it, same pot but I havnt had any new growths yet so I was just curious!

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