Posted 2M ago by @purplegreen865

Brown leaves on rice plant

I noticed a couple of leaves on my #AsianRice Oryza had light tan discolorations a while ago, which I attributed to overexposure to sunlight - she was directly next to a south facing window and I was using a grow light.

However, I have since moved Oryza out of direct light and two of these leaves have gotten much worse. This may be because of the unique soil I am using - Oryza was originally grown for a science project where I was testing different soil types for better plant growth. Her soil is partially Sphagnum moss, which may not be ideal for growing rice.

What do you think? Should I repot in better soil, remove these leaves, or change my lighting again? Or maybe something else is wrong?
I'm brand new to plant care and Greg, so any #help would be greatly appreciated!
0ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
Hi! From what I've learned, sphagnum moss holds a lot of moisture, which isn't so great for roots. Personally, I'd repot in a pot with drain holes with well draining soil. Check the roots for anything gross/mushy, thats root rot, cut it off give a good rinse. I don't know much about the plant itself, but from what I can see I feel like this is the issue. Best of luck plant friend 🌿
@PlantBeach Thanks for your advice! I will repot as soon as I am able to.