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Should I rehome? 😭
I bought this plant a few weeks ago, but I do not think that it likes the environment that it is in. I live in a dry climate place & I researched that Calathea’s like very humid environments. Some of the leaves are curling & turning crisp at the edges. It’s in a bright-indirect light place with a humidifier near it (recently put the humidifier there). Also it’s starting to lose its pink stripes that it had when I first bought it. Any advice? #PinstripePlant
8” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
I would suggest a pebble tray or a humidifier if you can. A pebble tray saves my Asparagus Plumosa.
Could also try your bathroom if you have enough light. There’s always higher humidity in there.
It looks like you have it in a pot with no drainage! Calathea’s love to be watered with distilled water and to be in a pot with drainage and in we’ll draining soil. I have this same plant and she live in soil with lots of orchid bark. I water her once a week - just drenching her soil with distilled water and wait for the water to drain out the bottom of the pot in the sink before I put her back on the shelf. They also like indirect light. I also live in a dry climate and had a humidifier next to mine but it broke - but she doesn’t seem to miss it. I would recommend clipping the leaves and repotting for better drainage and as long as you water with distilled water you should be good! ✨👍🏼
@MiniMonstera I bought it like that at Trader Joe’s ☹️ I want to repot it, but every time I repot a plant it tends to die … any suggestions for repotting?
@sarahsalith I’ll definitely try this! Thank you😊
@Gordo thank you ☺️ If the pebble tray doesn’t work, this will be next !!

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