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I was inspecting dusty when I realized the he was really wobbly… he is so easy to tilt. And his leaves were all soft and not firm. It seemed like his leaves could be pulled of my the slightest breeze. He is also tilting to one side (not towards the sun I just moved him for the pic) he seems like his stem is like broken or something. I need help so someone please tell me what it is or how to help!!!
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
Aw man! How long have you had it?

If that pot is keeping the soil moist, it might have softened that stem.

Can you pull on it and see if it is broken? If it is, you can just plop the whole thing back into the pot (make sure the soil isn't too wet) and over time, it should grow new roots. (:

I'm glad you found Greg, Honey!!
If the stem isn't broken, just leaf it alone and allow it to recover. Pat it back down into the pot, water it sparingly, and allow it to recover. 😁
The soil wasn’t wet and I’ve had it for 1 week and I haven’t watered him since yesterday so I found out when I watered him yesterday… his stem isn’t broken so I guess I’ll just leaf him alone and probably try to propagate him so I can have a loo I’ll l cloneee!!!