Posted 2M ago by @Amateurbotany

Has anyone seen this on a gollum jade?

I can tell he’s thirsty, bone dry soil and the sun has been beaming this week. What is the darker area? I have this guy in a mixed pot and he’s pointed at direct sun. No drainage so they will eventually be repotted. No signs of root rot and I’m careful with amount of water and how often. Thank you on this #WhatTheSuccWednesday
1ft to light, direct
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Sunburn or over watering are main culprits. If bone dry, most likely the sun! β˜€οΈπŸ˜Ž
That’s what I was hoping! Wasn’t aware these little guys were so fragile. I rotated the pot!!
my gollum always has a couple wrinkly leaves so i think it’s pretty normal for them :)
@Amateurbotany I know @JesssJungle has one of these growing well.
@Amateurbotany , I would say it's a watering issue. Is the soil wet or dry? They really don't require a lot of water, but they will also look shriveled like this if they need water. πŸ€”
@JesssJungle Looking more hydrated after watering but still has the β€œscaring”. Do you typically separate your sucs into individual pots? This is one of those mixed arrangements and I’m wondering if this is it an ideal set up. My sucs in individual pots seem to be thriving. These all appear to be crowded. Thoughts?
@Amateurbotany , yeah, I separate them because usually even though they might all be succulents, they might need different water and light requirements. How long have you had them? Maybe they need more space too!
@JesssJungle I’ve only had the arrangements (I have 4) for a couple months. I actually just made one myself but there is A LOT more space for the sucs to grow and I made sure they had the same water and light requirements. I’m going to plan to repot the couple that seem way too tight! I’ll post some before and after! Thank you for the advice!!!
@Amateurbotany , absolutely!! Can't wait to see how much it grows!