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Have I made a mistake?
I've been putting my succulents out to sunbathe for a few hours each day and I've just noticed they're browning. Too much heat? Too much sun? #askgreg @RJG @HoyaAddict @WickedValkyrie
They’re not used to it yet, the red is sun tan, the scorch on the jade leaves is burn. A shade cloth can help with the transition or place in a shadier spot for a few weeks, then morning sun for a bit before moving into direct afternoon sun.
Think of your skin when you haven’t been in sun for a while. Go to the beach for a day and you’ll burn, but move to the beach and you’ll eventually acclimatise and will have a healthy tan. Take it nice and slow ☺️
@HoyaAddict is dead on! They'll come back if you give them a bit more shade.
@gingerlymom @HoyaAddict is spot on. As always Jasmine got all the answers. 😘
Ok whew! Good to know. I think I'll move them to the shade but keep them outside so I don't shock them.
@HoyaAddict @RJG My echeveria died. Or it's sickly. Its leaves are popping off like crazy. I'm so sad. These succs were a gift from my daughter.
@gingerlymom I’m sorry I thought it looked a bit overwhelmed but I was hoping a few leaves or the stalk would survive, a succulent can regrow from no leaves if it’s roots are intact! If you look in the picture I added, the stalk on the right was a beheaded succulent, it had no leaves at all but over time it’s now growing 7 new plants! If you still have the plant, I would keep it outdoors in and water about once a month. She could come back!
Once a month!! Greg has me watering it every 10 days. Maybe that's part of the problem
@gingerlymom I say once a month because it will have no leaves so it won’t be using much energy/water ☺️ my succulents I water every 8-14 days depending on the size of pot and location.

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