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I just planted some sunflower seeds. I’m starting them in the house then moving them out side when they get big enough. Anything I need to know about growing this flower. Well this flower come back every year, or so I have to plant a new one every time.
2” pot with drainage
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Most sunflowers are annuals so need to be replanted every year. Here's a link that may help you
Ooh! My favorite.
I plant these every year in the same way!

I start seedlings in a greenhouse and move outside against a fence so they don't tip over.
I usually bring them outside one they're 6 inches tall so the stems don't stretch/get too skinny.

They dont come back unless the seeds drop and stay buried but squirrels usually eat them. I recommend when they start to die for the season collect in a bowl or jar for next year!
Last year I did a giant sunflower, and broke all the seeds out. This is how many came out of one and i just planted one of those seeds a year later and i got a new sunflower sprout. So you can keep plenty in a jar for next year and eat the rest πŸ˜‚
Thank you all. Very helpful

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